We are raising money to build a beautiful scale model of 424, that will be displayed in various locations around the world

I have built PERRINN to bring people together around 424. I believe in the power of the internet to collaborate on a global scale and accelerate innovation for the benefit of all. 424 has a clear mission. I have a core team of talented engineers and developers working with me and we are getting closer to our goal of breaking the lap record at the Nurburgring with our electric hypercar.

Like me, become a shareholder of our team by investing directly on PERRINN.com.

Nicolas Perrin

We are raising money to build a high quality scale model of 424 (see details below) that will be displayed in the UK to raise awareness of our project before being shipped to America to strengthen our relationship with our current sponsors. The model will be shown at the Autosport International show in Birmingham (January 2024) and at tech conferences in America next year.

Our target is to raise 10,000 GBP (British Pounds) to build this model and support our display tour. You can now participate in this effort.

The 424 model will be displayed in conferences around the world including Autosport International in Birmingham and in Boston in 2024

When you invest in PERRINN, you gain ownership of digital shares. These shares have a stable value (pegged to the USD, Euro and British Pound, more details on PERRINN.com) and you automatically receive 10% more shares every year, credited in your account daily.

When 424 achieves its goal at the Nurburgring you will be able to cash out and receive a return on your investment, or continue the journey along the way with us to the next steps. That’s the simple and elegant way of becoming part of the PERRINN team while realizing a financial return over time.

With your contribution, involvement and investment you will help us build the 424 scale model. You will have direct ownership in our team and you will be able to follow our progress live on PERRINN.com. If you choose to, you can also have access to the data generated throughout the development process, designs and weekly meetings.

PERRINN has around 60 existing individual investors. You may become part of the team with your contribution. All investors are listed on PERRINN.com with their contributions to date.

about the 424 scale model

It is a 13.5% scale model built and finished to a high standard, measuring 660mm in length.

Schedule: print and finishing in October 2023, display in the UK and photoshoot in November and December, shipped to Boston USA in the new year and will appear at a tech conference in 2024 in Boston.

All images and stories will be shared with the PERRINN team and on LinkedIn.

The model size in context