PERRINN goes electric

Nicolas Perrin (2017)

Project 424: let's do something special.

We thought it is time to shift our focus to electric. And we also want to create a new experience for our followers from around the world. And so we are launching project 424: the development of the fastest electric car in the world.

Project 424 is going to be a large public project. What does this means?

We like doing things differently so we've decided to take communication a step further: every discussion between designers, developers, actors of the project are published live on our web platform. We believe that public communication and transparency is the logical way to develop global collaboration. We like to give access to our data and information. So let's do it!

How is project 424 going to deliver the fastest electric car in the world?

We are using our racing car design as the basis for the project and integrating a very powerful electric powertrain in it. We have relevant experience to do it and we know that our car will be faster than anything electric we've seen on a race track so far. We have to do a few things like making the car longer to accommodate the large battery, making the driver seat a bit more upright, and having an all wheel drive system. It is going to be very exciting.

What are the next steps for the project?

We are working to find investment and sign partnerships with technology companies. The design is progressing well. In less that 2 years we can go and set new world records on various tracks. We need to find investment soon to achieve this challenge. We have a sound business plan and are creating value for our partners. We are contacting the actors of electric mobility and software companies. And we like to meet new people who want to get involved. Let us know if you want to get involved too!

Teams of designers and engineers from anywhere in the world are developing project 424 and you can follow progress by going on - Every discussion between collaborators are published and accessible by the public. You don't need an account to start browsing through our teams. It is fun and easy. And if you want to create your own teams and chat with your family, friends or colleagues in a public way like us, you can do it, it's free.