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Our user-friendly chat platform offers many possibilities to interact with each other. On this page, find all the support you need to fully enjoy your experience.

Register on

Registering on our chat platform is free. Once on home page :

You can enjoy our chat platform without logging in, in "view only" mode. Nevertheless, in order to interact with other members and make the most of every feature the App has to offer, you need to log in. Once on home page :

Upload a profile picture

Log in

Add a view only public link on your profile page

If you wish to share documents, website, code, portfolio, etc... with other members, you can attach a view only public link to your account. Log in

Create a new thread

Once logged in

Add participants to a given thread

Once logged in

Filter threads by topic

Once on, when you are in the welcome area (PERRINN logo at the top of the chat list):

See only the chats I follow

Once logged in, when you are in the welcome area (PERRINN logo at the top of the chat list), you have access to all the feeds from the platform. To display only the ones you are participating in, click on your profile picture at the top left corner of the screen.

Attend an online meeting

Like in an office, PERRINN members can go in the meeting room and attend any meeting they wish. On homepage:

Access PERRINN 424 project data

All data relative to PERRINN projects are stored on Google Drive. On homepage:

Access PERRINN 424 CAD files in Onshape

The whole 424 design is available in Onshape. On

Join the PERRINN WhatsApp community

Keep posted by joining the PERRINN WhatsApp community. On

Go to 424 BrambleCFD platform

424 BrambleCFD platform is where all our CFD tests are performed. On

Open Github PERRINN repository

Github is where all code related to and the 424 Unity simulation is stored. On

Download and open the 424 Unity Simulation project

If you want to work on the simulation and test it, here is how to proceed:

Choose your preferred currency to display all values in the application


Buy PRN tokens

Once logged in

Exchange PRN tokens with other members

You can send PRN tokens to other members. On

Sign a contract


Declare hours spent on a task and trigger account credit

Once your contract is signed, go to

You cannot declare more than 10 hours every 24h. Hours validated and available in this window are written in green at the bottom right angle of the message you have just sent.

Tip: Feel free to have a look at other members' messages to see some examples of updates they have shared.

Set up a meeting


Create a survey