support us to develop 424

When you make a deposit on, you become a race team owner and you earn 10% return from interest. You will be able to cash out once we have achieved our common goals.

Once you belong to our unique worldwide passionate community, you are free to follow, see data, participate, ask questions,...

As a member, you have access to every feature on, with no restriction. You can follow the team from the inside and take advantage of exclusive privileges. 

Instant Members benefits:

Over the next 5-10 years PERRINN will belong entirely to the community. It will be made possible thanks to the trust built through our open community platform.

Open Communication

Chat with other team members on, follow every conversations, participate and ask questions if you wish.

Global Network

Be part of a global network, meet new people from different continents that have mutual interests, participate in our unique team.

Open Access Projects

Communicate, read and write data in an open access environment.

Synchronised events to get your money back:

To cash out, we need to accumulate a reserve of currency using product sales. For 424, it means achieving our lap record at the Nürburgring (first milestone) and selling the marketing value of the project to sponsors. When enough reserve is accumulated, all members will have the opportunity to get their money back. Everybody will have the same opportunity at the same time. These events will coincide with project milestones.

WE are a team = SUSTAINABLE team 

Participate today in the development of 424, and collaborate with talents from around the world.

At any time, you can step up your input to the team : sign a contract on so that your work is rewarded


As a global sustainable team, we are glad to welcome new talents within the team and give them opportunity to showcase their skills. Whether you are a freelancer and a specialist in your field or an enthusiast who simply wants to give a helping hand, feel free to show your interest and volunteer to work on what you are interested in. 

On, start a conversation with us so we get to know you. Together we agree on where you can support our project best. We also start a job list that discribes precisely what needs to be done. You can then go to your settings page and fill in the necessary fields.

Contract parameters:

=> contract needs to be signed/validated before becoming active

Organize "your" team and work as you wish

Passion, sharing, learning and pleasure are the key words defining PERRINN. There is no pressure put on the shoulders of the members in terms of results or planning. You decide when you want to achieve tasks for PERRINN . If there are some periods during which you have no possibility to spend time on the project, you are always welcome to bring your contribution again when you wish.

As a contributor, you may need to collaborate and exchange ideas with other members. Of course, you are free to use the chat platform, react to any feed or create new ones. If a live interaction is preferable, you might want to use the meeting room at any time by setting up a meeting. The meeting room remains open to anybody who wants to join. can be considered as an open space where we are working and interacting with each other.

Earn is like a social media platform. Posting messages to share information with other members or ask questions is part of the value we are creating as a team.

Each member who has signed a contract is invited to post regular messages to keep everyone updated with their progress. Money is credited when a new update is published. The rate depends on the level of the contract and the number of hours declared. Have a look at the Help Center to know how to declare working hours. If you do not declare any hour spent on a task, nothing will be credited to your wallet, which is absolutely fine if you just want to discuss specific topics without triggering any reward.

Disclaimer : Every contribution into new technologies like 424 carries some risks. You should only deposit funds that you are ready to lose.
FAQ :Can I lose the money I have deposited and the time I have spent into 424?While it is our ultimate intent to pay back members for their accumulated contribution, we may not be able to raise sufficient funds from any particular sponsorship rights sale to pay back any or all of their deposits. This applies to all members and therefore this risk is carried by everyone involved which mitigates it.
When will the synchronized buy-back event happen?Revenue from the sale of Sponsorship Rights will be used to cover operational expenses first. We have no clarity as to exactly when the value contained on accounts may be exchanged for any particular fiat currency or other liquid asset.