Signing in on is free. Once your COIN balance is positive, you have full access to the team. You can buy COINS from or exchange COINS with existing members directly inside the PERRINN app. 424 COIN is a bit like digital credit that you can spend inside the PERRINN team.

When you run out of COIN credit, you will momentarily lose access to the team. All your data will be saved and you just need to top up your COIN credit to get going again. It is that simple.

COIN aligns all PERRINN members. Instant Membership Benefits:

  • You become member of our global community, you can communicate and meet our people online.

  • You are added to our Google Group and are invited to our weekly meetings

  • You have access to our Google Drive database where you can view and add documents

  • You are added to our Onshape Team and have access to our design data in Onshape

  • You have access to other members' messages on, you can start chatting with any member instantly

  • You get insights into our open source projects like Project 424

  • You can drive the 424 car in our Unity3D simulation and we help you if you have any question about it

  • You can learn from our projects and ask questions if you are stuck

On, you can give COINS to another member of your choice. The transaction is instantaneous.

Once you belong to our unique worldwide passionate community, you have access to every feature on, with no restriction. You are free to follow, see all data, participate, ask questions,...

Open Communication

Chat with other team members on, follow every conversations, participate in video team meetings on Google meet, access the team database on Google Drive and other open source platforms.

Global Network

Be part of a global network, meet new people from different continents that have mutual interests, participate in our unique team.

Open Source Projects

Communicate, read and write data in an open source environment.

Over the next 5-10 years PERRINN will belong entirely to the community. It will be made possible thanks to the trust built through our open community platform. COINS may also be secured on a decentralised blockchain (Ethereum or Cardano), time will tell.