invest in 424 and support us

When you buy Shares on, you become a race team owner and you earn 10% return from interest. You will be able to cash out your investment once we have achieved our common goals.

Over the next 5-10 years PERRINN will belong entirely to the community. It will be made possible thanks to the trust built through our open community platform.

As a shareholder, you have access to every feature on, with no restriction. In addition to PERRINN members benefits, you can take advantage of exclusive privileges. 

Instant Shareholders benefits:

Shares are automatically earned in the following way:

The purchase price of a Share is stable and fixed to main currencies:

Synchronised events to get your money back:

To sell Shares (cashing out/exiting), we need to accumulate a reserve of currency using product sales. For 424, it means achieving our lap record at the Nürburgring (first milestone) and selling the marketing value of the project to sponsors. When enough reserve is accumulated, all members will have the opportunity to sell their Shares at an offered price. All investors will have the same opportunity at the same time. These events will coincide with project milestones.

Once you own some Shares, you have full access to the team. You can buy Shares from or exchange Shares with existing members directly inside the PERRINN app. When you give Shares to another member of your choice, the transaction is instantaneous.