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We are hiring

PERRINN is looking for new contributors to integrate our 424 core team.

If you are passionate about Motorsport and want to be part of a team developing an electric hypercar that can set new world records, if you like the idea of working from any location and want to meet like-minded people to share this adventure with, then the PERRINN team could be a great place for you to use your talents.

Contributors are investing some of their free time and are rewarded by earning Shares.

For more information please visit and to register and start a conversation with us please visit

Current needs are:

Virtual test driver: you have your own simulation rig and have a good driving level with experience at the Nurburgring Nordschleife driving F1, Prototypes or GT cars. You will perform some specific test around the Nordschleife using our Unity driving simulation. You will be directly involved in the development and optimisation of 424 with us.

Mechanical designer: you have experience in designing mechanical assemblies for the automotive, aeronautic or Motorsport sector. You will be designing in Onshape. If you don’t know this software it is very easy to learn. You will be designing specific assemblies for the 424 electric hypercar like suspension, transmission or casing assemblies.

Aerodynamic designer: you have experience in designing F1 or LMP1 aerodynamic solutions and testing them in CFD. You will design in Onshape. If you don’t know this CAD software it is very easy to learn. You will design your own aerodynamic models and be given access to a high quality CFD testing software. You will help us develop the Nurburgring aero package for 424.

Unity 3D developer: you have experience in developing game objects or C# scripts in Unity. You will be developing some new features for our Nurburgring 424 driving simulation with the guidance of Unity 3D experts.

System modeler: you have experience in modeling physical or electrical systems. You will create models of tires, suspension, battery, powertrain that can be used into our Unity real time driving simulation.

Software app developer: you have experience in developing web apps using Angular and Javascript. You will help us develop our existing web app, create new user interface features, improve our chat system and user management system. You will interact with Firebase cloud functions to develop our team communication system.

Content creator: you are a video creator or a writer. You can work independently. You will create content that will be used on social media to promote 424 and our team members’ work. You will help us grow our community of followers and be a link between our core team of contributors and our community.