424 Record BREAKING Product

A unique opportunity for a group of global companies

PERRINN has created an opportunity for a few companies to write a piece of technological and human performance history.

We are about to tell the world the incredible story of how a network of companies and talented people are going to break the most prestigious lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife with the 424 electric hypercar.

To guarantee that this difficult mission is successful, PERRINN has integrated the best solutions from leaders in the motorsport and automotive sectors for tires, electrical powertrain, battery system, braking system and composites. No stone has been left unturned during a preparation that has lasted more than 10 years.

424 will be driven by a racing driver with proven track records and a global following.

For 18 months, we will publish a live documentary of our journey on social media for the public to witness how we are going to break the record.

The current overall record is held by Porsche with a hybrid hypercar and a time of 5:19.

The electric record is held by Volkswagen with a time of 6:05.

PERRINN 424 is capable of a time of 4:59 (20 seconds faster than Porsche). The models and simulations have been developed through intense research and development under the leadership of Nico Perrin, Formula 1 and Formula E senior engineer.

Once the record is broken, the story will travel further and reach a global audience. It will be remembered for years to come as one of the great technological achievements.

It will be the first time Porsche has been defeated on their home turf (they have held the record twice since the 1980s).

A legendary track:


Current electric record

6:05.336, June 2019


Previous electric record

6:45.90, May 2017

Porsche 919 Evo

Current all time record (hybrid)

5:19.55, June 2018


Simulated lap time


919 Evo record lap (9.1m views)

424 simulated lap (4:59)

Less physical, more digital

To be sustainable, cost effective and provide higher return on investment for our partners, our strategy is to be less physical and more digital. We leverage cloud computing solutions to develop 424 using the latest modelling and simulation tools available. We work with a distributed team of talents globally and document our story on social media.

A dedicated team will manage our marketing content and strategy to leverage the Nürburgring lap record journey from start to finish. We will produce a live documentary on social media that integrate our partner's products and services to accelerate their growth. The Nürburgring record event will be primarily a live online event for the public to follow for free.

The total budget for this record breaking journey is £15m

It will take us 18 months to achieve the record.

PERRINN and founding partners have already invested £5m.

To raise the additional £10m budget, we are selling the following to a group of global companies:


80% of the livery space, communication rights and activation.

the PHYSICAL car

Ownership of the record breaking car complete with dummy battery ("museum car").

This budget will cover:

Our 18 months plan in 3 parts

6 months designing

Detail designs, supply chain in place.

6 months building

Manufacturing and assembly 424. We will train our driver in our simulator.

6 months testing

Test 424 in the UK. We will go to Spa (Belgium) as a final test and spend 3 full days at the Nürburgring to achieve the lap record. We will perform 6 laps per day at the Ring.

Anticipated Return on Investment

424 is designed to deliver ROI to all investors involved.

PERRINN is a new digital platform, a team built as a network that innovates faster and at lower cost. We are leveraging the power of the internet, social media, digital product development and network effects to deliver world class projects that will inspire the next generation of engineers while delivering tangible returns for our partners.

Nico has a track record for delivering successful projects like the electric record at the Nürburgring in 2016 with NIO EP9.

To calcule the anticipated ROI, we are primarily looking at what previous companies have done in Motorsport and adding some innovative feature with PERRINN.

The value we are creating is coming from marketing, networking and global brand awareness.

The Nürburgring lap record is one of the most prestigious prize in Motorsport and recognised by the automotive industry at large. It is only broken 2 or 3 times in a generation. Most people in the automotive and technology industries are aware of the Porsche 919 record set in 2018. The video of the lap was seen more than 9m times on Youtube.

Brands like Porsche, Volkswagen and NIO have spent £20m to £30m to break the Nürburgring record. Let's assume they have invested £20m. They would expect to get at least 2x return on their investment. The marketing value of the Nürburgring record can be estimated at £40m.

In Formula 1, sponsors invest £100m a year in each team to appear in 24 races (£4m per race). Each Formula 1 race is a story that repeats itself. The Nürburgring record is a unique story that stands out in the media and holds more value than a single race.

The investment of £10m we are seeking will therefore generate a minimum return of £40m (4x ROI) purely from marketing value.

PERRINN is adding more value through networking (PERRINN is built as a global network instead of a traditional organisation). We also use open source engineering and have engagement with universities around the world. We are offering value that no other organisation in Motorsport and automotive offer right now.

We will also create a live documentary during the entire 18 months period that will show all the steps we are taking until the record event. The documentary will be a great channel for our partners to send their message to a global audience.

The anticipated return on investment from the Nürburgring lap record is a minimum of 300% (4x) through marketing, networking and global brand awareness.

Value creation breakdown

Nico Perrin (Founder)

I have 25 years of experience at the top level of Motorsport. My career choices were made with 424 in mind. I wanted to become one of the best engineers in my industry capable of delivering such a complex project.

I was lucky to work for world class teams and to invest time in all aspects of Motorsport engineering and innovation, from concept design, aerodynamic / mechanical design and optimisation to race engineering.

I have a passion for innovation, sustainability and new technologies.

2001-2004; 2012-2013

Le Mans 24h - Race engineer and chief designer at Courage and Pescarolo.


Formula 1 - Race performance engineer and aerodynamicist at Williams F1.


Electric hypercar - Chief aerodynamicist and race engineer for the EP9 world record campaign (electric record at the Nürburgring) at NIO.


Formula E - Senior engineer at Jaguar TCS racing.