424 Simulator

FPZero Pro II Formula Simulator Overlay 

As we continue our progress to break the Nurburgring lap record, we have identified the development of a driving simulator as one of our next crucial steps. While purchasing a shelf driving simulator is an option, most lack one key aspect: full driver customisability. Unlike most simulators for existing motorsport series, our 424 hypercar requires the cockpit in a much more compact package. Since weight reduction is paramount for our lap record attempt, having the ability to customise the real car to multiple drivers would add unnecessary weight, especially since there will be only one set driver. Every detail, from the seat position to driver controls, including the pedals and steering wheel, will be tailored precisely to the driver outside the car using this simulator. These fixed dimensions are later transferred into the final car design. 

Why Do We Need It?

What Will It Be Used For? 

General Dimensions

Width: 1.2 m

Length: 1.5 m

Height: 1 m

Estimated Cost: £15K

Custom STeering WHeel

The real 424 car will feature a custom steering wheel that contains only the steering wheel and nothing else. Unlike conventional steering wheels in the major motorsport series, 424 will not require paddle shifters as it is fully electric and will have no buttons. This is because the lap record attempt is a single lap, not a full race, so there will be little to no driver communication required. A separate button board will include basic functions such as vehicle start and emergency communication, which is not necessary for the simulator. 

Wheel Frame

Method: Multi Jet Fusion

Material: Nylon PA 12 

Wheel Grips

Method: Multi Jet Fusion

Material: TPU