The Big Plan

PERRINN is an innovation network with team values at its core.

PERRINN is a place where people and companies access valuable information, investment opportunities and open source technology. We are all members of an open and democratic network with common goals and shared benefits.

High Impact Products

PERRINN products are sustainable, have a positive and global impact and include some open source technology.

Product road map

PRN Token

Crypto token representing the ownership of PERRINN with a predictive price appreciation model.

PRN is democratising access to valuable and predictable investment. PRN is built as a secure and transparent asset that can be bought, sold and exchanged easily amongst members of the PERRINN network.

PERRINN 424 Nürburgring


Developing the fastest eletric car on the planet with the aim to break the Nürburgring electric and overall lap record.

For companies this £15m project offers the opportunity to market products and services to a global audience with expected ROI of minimum 2x. PERRINN has invested £2.5m into this project.

PERRINN 424 Le Mans 24h


Racing at Le Mans 24h in the hydrogen category, aiming to win the hardest race in the world!

Racing a Le Mans with a hydrogen fuel cell car is one of the most advanced challenges in Motorsport and one that holds a lot of marketing and technological value for the partners involved. It will become a $30-40m a year product for the next few years.

IDEAS FOR future products

Zero emission flying solution.

Communication platform leveraging AI technology.

Clean water open source solution.

PERRINN Network Values


PERRINN aims to become the most trusted network on the internet by leveraging transparency, open access to data, communication and a controlled growth protocol (PRN crypto token feature).

We are a Team

PERRINN is organised as a team for the age of the internet. Our values are those of a high performance team: Accountability, integrity, teamwork, innovation, trust, openness, passion, diversity.

Shared ownership

PERRINN is owned by a global community. The mechanism to own PERRINN is to purchase the PERRINN crypto token (PRN) on crypto exchanges (planned launch of PRN in 2025).

Information symmetry

All members of the PERRINN network have got access to the same level of information. is an information dashboard visible publically that creates more trust and certainty about the value of the network.

Projects that drive positive change

PERRINN is committed to develop projects that are sustainable. The focus for the team will be on:

PERRINN Platform Value Proposition

For companies

A place to access valuable technology and talented people.

For talents

A place to monetise their expertise, work on high value projects, access a network of like minded people.

For investors

An investment proposition that has a controlled and predictable price action backed by high value technology and products.

For followers

A new and unique team experience, open access to exciting projects, a trusted community to connect with and invest in.

PERRINN crypto Token (PRN)

Building on top of the crypto infrastructure

Bitcoin has shown a new way to raise investment from the crowd. For 15 years, this new technology has demonstrated resilience, robustness, transparency and enabled the democratisation of financial investment.

PERRINN is going to launch a new crypto token representing the ownership of the team and the network. Our protocol will have some unique features that will differentiate our investment offering:

PRN token will be built on a trusted layer 2 blockchain solution (Ethereum or Solana network).

Large PRN owners will be named and listed on as a way to build trust in the network.

PRN token will have an innovative feature that will help reduce volatility and increase investment sustainability for all involved. As a team we want our investors to have a high degree of certainty when it comes to PRN price action in the future and return on investment. PRN will follow a maximum price growth curve agreed by the network. When the price of PRN exceeds the growth curve due to buying pressure, we will sell new tokens in order to raise investment for the PERRINN projects.

PRN Presale

Currently on, to known contributors.

PRN on crypto blockchain

PRN on crypto exchanges

Public launch.

Full integration and exchanges.

PRN Presale

We have been distributing more than 24,000 PRN since 2011 to PERRINN Limited (founding company) and a community of contributors to PERRINN 424. The distribution has been made transparently on following a 1:1 equivalence of time / money contributed on the platform.

PRN token has been set to a constant nominal value of 105USD / 97EUR / 84GBP during this period and we have applied a 10% growth over time to all PRN holders to mirror the growth of our network.

The current ownership table of PERRINN can be seen here:

PRN Price model

Using exponential growth model, we look at stocks like Apple and Bitcoin to assess a reasonable controlled growth of between 10% and 25% per year.

Crypto regulation reference

In this video, Brian Brooks (Chief Legal Officer at Coinbase) explains how the membership model works when issuing tokens to raise capital from network participants (27:40 into the video).