The PERRINN show car was displayed at the Golden Cup at Oulton Park in August 2014

PERRINN Limited UK company

PERRINN Limited was founded by Nico Perrin in 2011. An initial investment of $500k was used to design a state of the art racing car to compete at Le Mans 24h. A full size model of the car was built and transported around the UK to demonstrate the intention of opening and sharing the project with the public.

In 2014, PERRINN Limited started developing an open source team on the internet, where all technical innovations and data are available on the internet. This was the birth of PERRINN "We are a Team" community. The initial race car concept developed by PERRINN Limited was shared publicly and used as the fundation for PERRINN 424.

Our community is developing 424, an advanced electric hypercar capable of setting new records at the Nurburgring Nordschleife (the benchmark track that manufacturers use to demonstrate their capabilities). Longer term, 424 will race at Le Mans 24h.

PERRINN Limited UK is the legal entity for the PERRINN community.

Company number 07482345

Registered in Kidlington, Oxon, UK

Office in Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK

The companies we are working with

Short Term Objectives:

Develop PERRINN as a global team and set a new speed record at the Nurburgring with 424.

Long Term Vision:

Move PERRINN to fully decentralised global team built as a network. Take 424 to Le Mans 24h race to demonstrate the capabilities of our team.

Original race car concept 2011-2014

PERRINN Limited developed a Le Mans LMP1 car for Pescarolo in 2012

Nicolas was consultant in Formula 1 through PERRINN Limited in 2015

PERRINN Limited is providing consulting services in Formula E since 2018

PERRINN logo is inspired by Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man.

Original logo of PERRINN “myTeam”

PERRINN logo represents a winner designed into the shape of a mobile app icon. The design is developed here.