Contribute to 424 CFD testing

CFD testing is at the core of 424 development.

We welcome contributions to our CFD process in the form of computing credits to keep us moving forward. All contributions are rewarded by PERRINN digital credits.

Step 1

Go to 424 BrambleCFD platform.

If you need an account, please contact PERRINN. We can set up an account instantly using your email address.

Step 2

From the account / Payments page, go to top up account. You can purchase credits using a credit card and the cuccency of your choice.

A single CFD test costs between $30 (half car in a straight line) to $60 (full car in cornering conditions).

Step 3

Notify PERRINN of the contribution you have made and you will receive PRN tokens instantly on at 1:1 ratio. You will then benefit from the PERRINN growth rate on your contribution.

Step 4

Follow the impact of your contribution.

All CFD testing updates are live on

You can also access the CFD results from BrambleCFD or from the 424 logbook as well as find out what tests we are going to perform next at the bottom of the logbook table. Enjoy!

PERRINN 424 CFD logbook