Invest into PERRINN

PERRINN is a sustainable network that creates open source solutions and solves difficult challenges.

how you can participate in the development of perrinn 424

You can invest money or time.

Your contribution is registered on and you receive PRN tokens against money and time.

When you own PRN, you benefit from the growth of our network, currently set at 10% a year. You can later exchange your PRN with other members and in the future, when we are getting closer to our goals, you will have the opportunity to sell your PRN against fiat currency making a return on investment.

This is the way we are developing our team, by making sure all contributors are rewarded the same way.

INVEST money

Buying PRN tokens is the best way everyone can have an impact on the development of 424.

If you go on, you can see what fund we are raising money for, the target amount and the amount raised so far. We are continuously raising money from existing and new members in order to complete important developments.

Go on and click "Buy PRN" to know more.

Contribute time

Developing complex products like 424 is hard!

It requires experience and expertise and is not for everyone. The opportunity to show to the team that you can add value to 424 with your time is always available! Don't hesitate to chat with our members about it.

We are always busy developing the following fields:

The process for contributing time to PERRINN and 424 is this one:

We create new development steps with clear specifications and we perform testing and checks before completion of the task. A development step is a task that a small team of contributors can deliver. Selected members for the task collaborate in a chat group that everyone can follow (on WhatsApp or You can always contribute to a discussion in a chat group if you feel like you can add value, so keep listening to what is happening in the team!

To get PRN for your time contribution, you need a contract on Go to your settings on and fill in your contract parameters. Once your contract is active, you can declare hours contributed and receive PRN tokens as a reward.

Contract parameters:

Level (1 to 10): defines the level of experience. Increases automatically at a rate of +1/year.

=> contracts need to be signed/validated before becoming active

The core team of contributors

People who have contributed time to development tasks are part of our core team of developers. The core team meets once a week online and anyone can attend these meetings. Go to to see when the next core team meeting is.

Disclaimer : Every contribution into new technologies like 424 carries some risks. You should only invest funds that you are ready to lose.
FAQ :Can I lose the money and the time I have invested to PERRINN 424?As long as our network keeps growing, the value owned by all PRN holders will be preserved. This value is backed up by the open source solutions we are developing. The risk of it not being maintained is carried by everyone in the team and is therefore mitigated. Nevertheless, while it is our ultimate intent to pay back members for their accumulated contribution, we may not be able to raise sufficient funds from any particular sponsorship rights sale to pay back any or all of their investments. 
When wilI the buy-back events happen?Revenue from the sale of Sponsorship Rights will be used to cover operational expenses first. We have no clarity as to exactly when the value contained on accounts may be exchanged for any particular fiat currency or other liquid asset.