"We are targeting to beat the electric record and possibly the all time record with 424 at the Nürburgring."

A legendary track:


Electric record

6:05.336, June 2019

Porsche 919 Evo

All time record (hybrid)

5:19.55, June 2018


Previous electric record

6:45.90, May 2017


Simulated lap time


An interesting point about Nüburgring lap record is that the car does not have to abide by any technical regulation. Therefore, we have freedom to optimize its performance. For example, we aim at lowering the weight to no more than 1000kg and use front flap deflection to improve the balance of the car.

Stage 1: VIRTUAL record

Using a state of the art driving simulator and dynamic car model, we first establish a 'virtual' record at the Nürburgring with 424 and publish enough engineering data to build confidence in our models.

stage 2: Real world record

When we are confident that 424 can set the record, we will build a car and execute the 'real world' lap.

919 Evo record lap (8.8m views)

424 simulated lap onboard

424 simulated lap TV mode

Virtual testing of 424 at Dynisma - one of the best motion simulation platform in the world.

Current speed estimate of 424 relative to Porsche 919 evo