PERRINn is a better team

open, transparent, sustainable

The future of Motorport is more accessible, more collaborative and more digital.

we are going to break a world record and share it with everybody, here's why 

"I think about humanity with a different perspective.

Setting a new lap record at the Nurburgring with our electric hypercar PERRINN 424 is very much like breaking a world record. It is extremely difficult and the current record holder Porsche is an amazing brand that we all love and respect.

We can break this record because of you. We are only adding a small brick to an infrastructure that has been built by people for hundreds of years. The technology, the communication tools, the manufacturing capabilities, the knowledge we are using have all been evolving and developed by people before us. I believe that instead of owning this record, it is only fair to give it back to the people.

The way we will give it back is by sharing our recipe, our open source designs, our data, our communications. Everything about this record will be documented and accessible (except a few things we will not be allowed to share 😅 ).

Imagine a place, an online community where communication is open and transparent, where we are all members of a large network, where we talk and exchange money with each other publicly so we don’t need to trust each other as much or be anxious about our future, where we become a team with more certainty.

PERRINN is that space.

Feel free to join our team and enjoy a new experience with us.

PERRINN, We are a Team."

Nico Perrin

we are developing 424 to BEcome THE FASTEST ELECTRIC CAR ON THE PLANET

424 Electric Hypercar

800 kW of power

3 Formula E electric motors

Advanced aerodynamics developed like a Formula 1 car

Short term

New lap record at the Nürburgring (Germany)

Beat the current overall record by Porsche 919 (hybrid)

One of the most recognisable and prestigious prize in Motorsport

Long term

To win Le Mans 24h race using hydrogen technology


Electric drivetrain: Formula E supplier (UK)

Tires: Michelin (France)

Composites: Formula 1 supplier (UK)

Virtual testing facility: Dynisma (UK)

Design and digital infrastructure: PTC (USA)

Sustainability pledge

A mission to become the most sustainable racing team using the attraction of sport and technology to convey the message.

PERRINN is organised as a network, leveraging the latest computing and communication tools available to develop 424 in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Our 3 pillars


Designed around zero emission powertrain solutions, our innovation process is primarily digital to minimise physical testing.



A world’s first:

424 is capable of going around the Nürburgring in less than 5 minutes !

Virtual testing at Dynisma
Virtual testing at Dynisma

Project status

Nico Perrin (Founder)

I have 25 years of experience at the top level of Motorsport. My career choices were made with 424 in mind. I wanted to become one of the best engineers in my industry capable of delivering such a complex project.

I was lucky to work for world class teams and to invest time in all aspects of Motorsport engineering and innovation, from concept design, aerodynamic / mechanical design and optimisation to race engineering.

I have a passion for innovation, sustainability and new technologies.

2001-2004; 2012-2013

Le Mans 24h - Race engineer and chief designer at Courage and Pescarolo.


Formula 1 - Race performance engineer and aerodynamicist at Williams F1.


Electric hypercar - Chief aerodynamicist and race engineer for the EP9 world record campaign (electric record at the Nürburgring) at NIO.


Formula E - Senior engineer at Jaguar TCS racing.