"The objective of Project 424 is to develop the fastest electric hypercar in the world and a source of inspiration for those who want to innovate, learn and collaborate."


To set a new lap time record at the Nurburgring.

endurance challenge

To race at Le Mans 24h with an electric car.

A work of art

To build the world’s fastest electric hypercar will require a collective team effort and this project is unlike any other. All the designs, vehicle architecture and ongoing developments are publicly accessible on the PERRINN.com platform, with new developments made in real-time. For 424, the open source strategy enables people to copy, modify and re-use our design.

A design story

The development of the 424 started in 2011 when Nicolas left Williams F1 and started PERRINN Limited.

From the aerodynamics, suspension and composite design to the integration of high performance electric powertrain, more than 30 thousand hours have been spent on designing, optimising, improving with the objective of one day winning the hardest endurance race in the world.

Open source project

To accelerate the electrification of cars, PERRINN will give public access to all designs and solutions from 424.

Commercial Objectives:

424 is designed to provide a global marketing platform for engineering, automotive, EV, software and autonomous companies worldwide. We will attract attention by creating the most performant and exciting application of electric technology in mobility to date.