Leader in Sustainable Motorsport


424 Electric Hypercar

800 kW of power

3 Formula E electric motors

Advanced aerodynamics developed like a Formula 1 car

Short term

New lap record at the Nürburgring (Germany)

Beat the current overall record by Porsche 919 (hybrid)

One of the most recognisable and prestigious prize in Motorsport

Long term

To win Le Mans 24h race using hydrogen technology


Electric drivetrain: Formula E supplier (UK)

Tires: Michelin (France)

Composites: Formula 1 supplier (UK)

Virtual testing facility: Dynisma (UK)

Design and digital infrastructure: PTC (USA)

Sustainability pledge

A mission to become the most sustainable racing team using the attraction of sport and technology to convey the message.

PERRINN is organised as a network, leveraging the latest computing and communication tools available to develop 424 in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Our 3 pillars


Designed around zero emission powertrain solutions, our innovation process is primarily digital to minimise physical testing.



A world’s first:

424 is capable of going around the Nürburgring in less than 5 minutes !

Virtual testing at Dynisma
Virtual testing at Dynisma

Project status

Nico Perrin (Founder)

I have 25 years of experience at the top level of Motorsport. My career choices were made with 424 in mind. I wanted to become one of the best engineers in my industry capable to deliver such a complex project.

I was lucky to work within world class teams and to invest time in all aspects of Motorsport engineering and innovation, from concept design, aerodynamic / mechanical design and optimisation to race engineering.

I have a passion for global innovation, sustainability and new technologies.

2001-2004 ; 2012-2013 (6 years)

Le Mans 24h : Courage and Pescarolo as race engineer and chief designer.

2005-2011 (6 years)

Formula 1 : Williams F1 as race performance engineer and aerodynamicist.

2015-2016 (2 years)

Electric hypercar : NIO as chief aerodynamicist and race engineer for the EP9 world record campaign (electric record at the Nürburgring).

2018-present (5 years)

Formula E : Jaguar FE as senior engineer.