PERRINN is a global team that lives on your phone.

You finally have your own team, join us today


Chat with any member you like


Use Shares to exchange value inside the team


Same access level to data and conversations for everyone inside the team

Where it all happens is where all team members chat, exchange and follow conversations and projects. Inside the team all messages are visible by the community. This provides transparency and traceability we need to develop our unique team!

When you are on you can chat with any team member you like. You can also follow any conversation. It is like being in a large open space, all together.

Community first

PERRINN is focusing on a 'community-oriented' way of developing complex projects such as Project 424. Instead of a traditional group of people located in a central office, we are organised as a distributed community of contributors and experts from around the world, communicating and exchanging on

How are we funding our projects?

We use crowdfunding, private investment and corporate sponsorship.

Crowdfunding is coming from our community of members buying Shares allowing them to access data and support our projects. Team members can also become investors buying a significant amount of Shares and earning money as time goes by.

Private investment from shareholders of PERRINN Limited (UK company) helped kick start the development of PERRINN and P424.

Corporate sponsorship from partners of Project 424 is focusing on marketing and technological benefits coming from our collaboration.