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PERRINN members are taking part in our decision making process.

A project lead by Nicolas Perrin

PERRINN is an organisation founded by Nicolas Perrin a former Williams F1 track engineer and aerodynamicist, designer of multiple LMP1 World Endurance cars and most recently an engineer for the NIO EP9 electric hypercar and Jaguar Formula E team. He gathered technical expertise to lead Project 424 throughout his career: vehicle dynamics engineering, race engineering, aerodynamic design, mechanical design, structural design, concept design.

Nicolas is the leader of our global team.

Nevertheless, every member's opinion is taken into account as we explain below.

A future shaped by all PERRINN members

On, everybody is invited to share their opinion on all matters. Of course, chats can be used to express your agreement or disagreement and ask questions. But to know what the members think about a specific topic, we use the survey tool.

Any member who wishes to submit a given topic to a vote will create a Voting Proposal Thread on, or simply add a survey to an already existing thread. Members use this thread along with supporting arguments, documents and online meetings to discuss the topic. All members can vote.

As a member, you have the possibility to answer the question using one of the proposed responses or even create new ones.